Your Greenhouse Data is Safe with Motorleaf: Here are Our Safeguards

December 13, 2018 10:33:18 AM EST

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By using data from your greenhouse, our team of data scientists will develop custom-made automation services made possible by the latest artificial intelligence technology. We respect that your greenhouse data contains a wealth of information about your business that you never want to be shared with anyone outside of Motorleaf. Fret not: we’re leading experts when it comes to data management and you can count on us to protect your information at each step when developing your high-tech automation tools.

Here we explain all the safeguards we have in place to uphold our uncompromising standards for cybersecurity, privacy and rightful data ownership. Consider also reading our article in Greenhouse Canada Magazine that outlines big data security issues and how best to share your greenhouse data for technology development.  


What is your data used for, exactly?

We use your greenhouse data for two purposes:

  1. Visualization in the Grow Journal so you can analyze your growing conditions;

  2. And for development of your custom-made AI automation services, like automated harvest forecasts and crop disease scouting.  

Only you, the owner of the data, and the data science team at Motorleaf can access your digital information for the above two purposes, respectively.

Your data is never used to develop any products you did not explicitly commission us to develop unless our analyses identify unforeseen insights of importance to the profitability of your greenhouse. For example, when developing your harvest yield forecasting technology, we may identify growing conditions that cause imperfections and blemishes in your vegetables that in turn lower your harvest yield; we will inform you of these conditions. In any case, we never use your data to develop products for other clients in the agriculture sector or otherwise.


Your data is never shared nor mixed

Our technology requires that we do lots of computer muscle work and store your greenhouse data for continued analysis. This is made possible by cloud computing, being a collection of remote servers that store your information for processing and safekeeping, similar to how you maintain files on the hard drive of your personal computer.

Being in the ‘cloud’ does not signify that your information is mixed together in a mass of digital information from our other clients. Quite the contrary. To store data, we provide each customer  with a unique server having a unique IP address in order to ensure your data goes to one exclusive storage space (an IP address is identifying information for each computer connected to the internet; we use it like you would dial in a unique phone number to call one, and only one, phone).  We use the leading cloud storage provider Azure from Microsoft because of its long-standing reputation as a trusted repository of big data for governments, public services and Fortune 500 corporations. Indeed, Microsoft implements the most stringent cybersecurity protections certified by major industry organizations.


You choose where your data goes for safe keeping

So your data is in ‘the cloud’. That’s a bit nebulous (pardon the pun). Where exactly is your designated cloud server in the real world? That’s for you to decide.

Our default geographic location for storing your data is on a server in Canada--we are a Canadian company, after all. If that's too far from home for your liking, we are happy to store your information on a server in the United States or the European Union.


Encrypted from point A to point B and kept away from view

Now that you know your data is secure in the cloud, how secure is it when being transmitted from your greenhouse to Motorleaf? And if you can analyze your greenhouse data using Motorleaf’s Grow Journal software, what prevents other people from accessing that information?

First, we apply the international norm for the encryption of data that is the gold standard for internet connections. Known as the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) standard, you’ll recognize it at the beginning of many website addresses (https://...). This encryption standard prevents unknown persons from intercepting and viewing the information being transmitted from you to Motorleaf.

Second, accessing your information in the Grow Journal is password protected. Once logged in, our software makes it easy to chose which information different employees can view. This is made possible by role-based access control (RBAC), which lets you determine which employees can access pertinent information they need to do their jobs and prevents them from accessing information that doesn't pertain to them.


We follow GDPR regulations for managing your personal information

The European Union recently established the most robust regulations and consumer protections for personal data. Known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), these rules state we must work with anonymize data so that your business name and other key identifiers are absent when we transmit and work with your information. Of additional import is that we must transparent and inform you of when we collect your data, where it goes and what we plan to do with it.

We uphold the same regulations for all of our clients whether they reside in the EU or elsewhere so that everyone benefits from the same level of security and privacy.

What happens to your data if you are no longer a customer of Motorleaf?

We’re always sad to see a customer leave, but if that’s your choice, we are ready to delete all your data we have on file. Indeed, this Motorleaf policy is also a clause in the GDPR regulations for personal data, commonly referred to as ‘the right to be forgotten’.

At any time you can request that we delete your data by contacting a member of our Client Experience team or your Sales representative. But we doubt you will ever need to make this request because we are confident that our data security protections and cutting-edge greenhouse technology services will meet your needs.

Do you have any additional questions about data security that we did not mention in this article? Please reach out and ask us all you need to know by filling out this simple request form on our website.

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