Farmers and Growers: Welcome to the Ai World

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Indoor agriculture has been more and more popular in the last years in North America for many reasons: people want fresher, organic and local food. Indoorag makes it easier to control the growing environment than traditional farming: growers can automate their installations and have a year-round production, and become less vulnerable to climate change.


The advantages of automated and intelligent indoorag are huge: less water and pesticides are used (you can quite easily grow organically if you like), you can produce 12 months a year (here around the 49th northern parallel, we can produce only a couple of months per year during the summertime), less traveling time is needed, this means your fruits and veggies are more fresh and have more nutrients in them. Precision agriculture also let's you grow crops that would otherwise not be possible to grow on a regular farm, as you can feed them exacly what they need to grow well. 

The US and Canada have been behind in the indoor agriculture world for a long time. Techniques are now changing and we are finally catching up: artificial intelligence methods are helping analyzing plant data to cut the risk factor in greenhouse culture. The integration of AI in the farming world does not mean the farmer is no longer needed, it means that farming is changing its work methods to produce more, and in a more environmentally and sustainable way. 

If you are interested to know more about urban agriculture, AI and indoor farming, read this report from Orange Silicon Valley: Bringing Digital Intelligence to Indoor Farming — urban agriculture in the age of AI.

We're excited to be part of this agtech revolution, and hope to bring our innovation to commercial indoor farmers and urban hobby gardeners to help them increase their yields, save time and money, and avoid loss.

Did you know that the apple you just picked from the grocery store might be almost a year old? Learn how Motorleaf wants to change the food system here. 




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Written by Justine

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