Automated, Precise Harvest Yield Forecasts Using the Latest Greenhouse Technology

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Predicting the harvest yield of vegetables in commercial hydroponic greenhouses today is a time consuming and inaccurate, manual process. Weekly estimates for tomato yields, for instance, are often over or under the actual yield by 20% or more; errors are often worse for peppers. Your Grow Team spends between one to three days a week making harvest forecasts.


There’s got to be a better way.

Motorleaf is the first to solve flawed, labor-intensive harvest yield forecasting using artificial intelligence--and the results are striking.

Here are some of the benefits our greenhouse customers get from our automated and accurate harvest yield prediction service.

Agronomists will thank you

Your greenhouse team of Growers spend on average 10 hours a week making harvest estimates. That’s a whole day of work. Imagine all they could accomplish if they would gain that time each week by automating this task. They could research new crop varieties, better scout for crop diseases and more.

Our AI-tool provides a computer assistant for your Growers; the assistant does the grunt work so your horticulture chiefs can better manage larger areas within your greenhouse. Since the labor pool of horticulture professionals is shrinking, providing technology that ensure the fewest number of Growers can get the job done is without compromise for your greenhouse business.

Sales and Marketing will thank you

It’s a common problem: At what should be the height of production, your marketing team devised a special offer to sell your produce at a discount. With such competitive prices, your buyers are happy to sign a contract to source their produce from your greenhouse. But a couple weeks roll by and you realize that you won’t have enough produce to meet your contract obligations. Now you must buy the missing produce at market price only to then sell it back to your clients at a discount, meaning you face significant cuts to your profits.

With our accurate harvest estimates, your marketing team will know the best time to make a promotion, ensuring you get the best price for your produce.


Greenhouse workers will thank you

With growing labor shortages, managing your farm staff today requires unprecedented care. Knowing beforehand exactly how many farm workers you need to harvest a crop is vital and this certainty is only possible when you know the amount of your harvests well in advance.

You can now know with confidence the size of team you need to harvest your crops. If a staff member falls ill, you will know if your remaining staff can get the job done. If not, you now have over a week to find a new star employee or better schedule overtime work to minimize the associated costs.

Would you like to know more about automated harvest forecasts made possible by artificial intelligence?

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