Spanish Resources and Customer Support for Artificial-Intelligence Greenhouse Technology

March 13, 2019 4:55:00 AM EDT

Given that many greenhouse growers in North America have subsidiaries in Mexico and Spain is a leading greenhouse nation, we are excited to announce new Spanish resources for our customers in these regions. 

Communiqué de presse: Partenariat haute technologie entre Cultilene et Motorleaf

March 12, 2019 12:49:23 PM EDT

Le premier magazine de l'industrie agroalimentaire française, Végétable, a publié cet article concernant nos efforts de fournir l'intelligence artificielle aux producteurs de serre.

[Citation: no 364 / mars 2019 • vegetable.fr •p. 71]

Cultilene [de Saint-Gobain] annonce son partenariat avec la start-up canadienne Motorleaf pour la commercialisation du service de prévision de récolte haute technologie de celle-ci. L’intelligence artificielle permet aux producteurs d’utiliser leurs données de serre pour contrôler, prédire et améliorer les conditions de croissance et les processus opérationnels.

L’innovation réside dans la construction d’algorithmes d’apprentissage automatique personnalisés permettant de prédire les niveaux de production futurs dans les serres. En plus de réduire les risques liés aux rendements de récolte hebdomadaires imprévisibles, cette technologie permet aux producteurs de rationaliser leurs opérations, de réduire leurs coûts et de conserver leur expertise en matière d’agriculture grâce à des logiciels intelligents.

Les serres de tomates et de poivrons du monde entier utilisent déjà les prévisions de récolte automatisées de Motorleaf : leur technologie d’automatisation artificielle a permis de réduire les erreurs de prévision de 50 à 70 % par rapport aux prévisions actuelles basées sur des calculs manuels des cultures.

Canadian Federation of Agriculture Annual Meeting Has AI in Focus: See Motorleaf Present

February 25, 2019 11:43:29 AM EST

Are you ready? The Canadian Federation of Agriculture is having its annual general meeting this Wednesday, February 27th, in our lovely nation's capital. 

AI Greenhouse Automation Working Behind the Scenes: Our latest Article in Greenhouse Canada Magazine

January 9, 2019 1:47:01 PM EST

With labour shortages on the rise, the agriculture industry seeks reliable means to automate production and daily operations. Many understand that advanced machinery and robotics hold much promise in making up for labour shortfalls; lesser known are how advanced computer technology like artificial intelligence (AI) can play an equally important role in automating complex tasks in commercial hydroponic greenhouses. Being lesser-known comes as no surprise since, unlike machinery, AI automation services typically function out of sight and require complex computer analyses conducted on servers far away from the greenhouse. The time is right for leaders in agriculture to learn about the growing potential of these unseen automation services.  

Your Greenhouse Data is Safe with Motorleaf: Here are Our Safeguards

December 13, 2018 10:33:18 AM EST

By using data from your greenhouse, our team of data scientists will develop custom-made automation services made possible by the latest artificial intelligence technology. We respect that your greenhouse data contains a wealth of information about your business that you never want to be shared with anyone outside of Motorleaf. Fret not: we’re leading experts when it comes to data management and you can count on us to protect your information at each step when developing your high-tech automation tools.

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