Agtech El Dorado: Turn your indoor farm into a data-driven farm

March 6, 2017 1:15:41 PM EST


Indoor agriculture is growing everywhere on the planet, and it's growing fast. As land and water supplies are harder to find, the traditional agriculture methods are changing drastically and moving to indoor vertical farming, container farming and hydroponic greenhouses. In addition, new agriculture methods are becoming automated with electronics: artificial intelligence is everywhere, and data collection and analysis are the key points of having a highly profitable farm. Did you know that you could grow a lettuce indoors 4 times faster than outdoors? In this era of agtech, that's how Motorleaf can change the world.


Data makes your plants talk

When we go back to childhood memories, we think of a farm as a place where red tractors were sitting beside rustic wooden barns, where the usual summer floods could be fatal and ruin the harvests. That memory can still be up-to-date, but there are also new ways to imagine and run farms. Farms can now be represented through extra-large data-driven greenhouses equipped with LEDs, fans, humidifiers and reservoirs, and these new installations are not at risk of weather-related fatalities. The whole food production process is calculated, second by second, to make sure that the plants are cultivated as quickly as possible, with extraordinary yields and close to no loss. 

What can you grow?

With indoor farming, the possibilities are endless. You can grow greens, micro-greens, herbs, cannabis, tomatoes, strawberries, lemons, flowers and even indigenous crops if you like. We can help you create the perfectly well-balanced environment for the crop's specific needs. We are a team of agricultural engineers and plant scientists: plants have no secrets for us, we have that special connection to them through their data!

Growing in a very well controlled environment also facilitates organic farming. Even if having an organic certification is a long and complicated process, you can enjoy eating organic fruits and vegetables because you are completely in control of what comes in contact with your plants in your grow space.

Advantages of technology-driven farms

Investing money in installations to automate your system can be scary at first. You will quickly be impressed at how much time, effort and resources you can save by having an intelligent indoor farm.  Imagine growing in a place where sensors monitor everything, including light, water level, water temperature, humidity, fans, pH and nutrients distribution. That's a whole lot of time saved, but it also takes a part of the risk factor out

In the recent report "State of Indoor Farming" published in September 2016 by Agrilyst, we read that large farms cultivating cannabis saved on average more than 4$/sq. foot by improving or implementing a software, and an average of almost 4$/sq. foot by improving or implementing the hardware. The difference is even bigger for small-scale production (see chart below). The investment soon pays for itself!


Annual potential savings due to better technology

smallfarms-1.jpgSource: "State of Indoor Farming" report, Agrilyst


Artificial intelligence is everywhere, and Motorleaf can now bring it to your farm, either it's a small urban garden or a larger-scale greenhouse production. With a quick access to your live data, you can manage your installation with more ease, saving you labor costs.

We often have the image of the farmer who can never leave the house, and who has to stay home to watch on the farm in case something happens. Now that you can connect your grow space to the internet, you can grow in peace 24 hours a day. Our software is directly connected to your grow space, and will send you an alert on your mobile phone, tablet or computer as soon as a setting goes out of range. 

The Beauty in Motorleaf: It's plug n' play

Whether you already have all your equipment in place or you are starting from scratch, we will be happy to assist you to help you find the best setup for your needs. 

In a survey made by Agrilyst, growers were asked "Which technologies are you investing in?". Here is what they had to say:

  • 39% of growers is interested in purchasing a farm management system in the next year
  • 28% of growers is interested in purchasing post-harvest automation systems
  • 28% is interested in purchasing LED lighting
  • 27% is interested in purchasing climate control systems

These numbers make us happy because with Motorleaf, you can do it all. Each Motorleaf component fits within your existing grow equipment, without taking room from your potential grow space. If you own a larger production, you can simply connect multiple wireless devices.

Connect Motorleaf to your grow space, we'll be happy to talk about how best to integrate our hardware and software for any size indoor grow. Together, we can design the perfect artificial climate environment for your crops, and provide them with the perfect combination of everything they need.  

The future is now: AI automates farms and gardens

Do more with less resources. All our hardware and software is designed to accommodate more and more predictive analysis, so you can make better sense of your data. Without needing to replace any Motorleaf products, you and your farm can get better and better results because the data will show you how to do this, and not just do it - automate this next step. The future is not just automation, but redefining how we think of automation.

Your farm or your garden can be a gold mine. What are you waiting for? Discover Motorleaf now, and get our Kickstarter early birds rates while they last! 



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