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Given that many greenhouse growers in North America have subsidiaries in Mexico and Spain is a leading greenhouse nation, we are excited to announce new Spanish resources for our customers in these regions. 

Ready to serve you in Spanish

IMG_5128-1New to our team at Motorleaf is Milly Barreto, our multi-lingual customer success manager. Milly is ready to assist growers in their language of choice concerning any topic, ranging from data sharing to questions about our artificial intelligence technology. We encourage you to reach out to Milly via email ( and to share her contact information with your Spanish-speaking colleagues.

(Note that we also provide service in French and Portuguese.) 


Spanish information resources about artificial intelligence in greenhouse farming

Today we also published an online Spanish resource centre where you will find a growing list of articles that explain artificial intelligence and our greenhouse automation technologies. 

Ver recursos en línea en español

Please share the above link to our Spanish resource page with your relevant team members. We will continue to translate and add more resources over time, so be sure to revisit the page these coming months.

Are there any topics we have yet to cover in Spanish that you think will be of use to your colleagues? Please mention these topics in the comments section below and we will make it a priority to develop these resources in the near future.

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