Motorleaf + Nutritower Combo: Hydroponic Gardener’s Dream

November 22, 2016 3:00:52 PM EST

Not too long ago, we discovered a super great device called Nutritower, designed right here in Montreal. It’s an hydroponic, soil-free garden tower that works with timed lights to give you peace of mind. The seeds take root in Nutritower’s custom designed pots that are filled with clay balls, and the plants are automatically watered by a hydration system. Plants grow fast, leaving the house completely clean.

We thought it would be a great idea to add artificial intelligence into the game by using Motorleaf with the Nutritower. The result? Not only do we have mess free indoor gardening, but the system is now *almost completely* automated. Just add water to the tank and check the Motorleaf software once in a while — and you’re all set! Precise indoor growing for hobby gardeners is possible!

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I recently had a chat with Bryce Nagels, Nutritower’s CEO and urban gardener, to know his thoughts about Motorleaf and indoor gardening.

Justine @ Motorleaf: So Bryce, what do you think about Motorleaf? Does it work well with the Nutritower?

BN: Honestly, I think Motorleaf is a great system! It can allow someone to monitor absolutely everything that goes in to using the Nutritower more efficiently. The system allow a user to manage everything from basic functions like timing the pump and lights to advanced functions like maintaining a consistent nutrient formula in the tank!

Justine: How do see the future of hobby growers? Do you think we will all be using the Nutritower + Motorleaf combo in the near future?

BN: I see a very bright future for the indoor gardening industry in North America. As more and more information is available about food, how it’s grown, where it comes from, and how much energy it uses I think that the general population will want to have access to more solutions to regain some control over what they eat.

It’s a great way to enhance ones well being on so many levels! I, for one, love having a good supply of fresh greens at home in the middle of winter — it makes me feel good to know that I am eating something that I have put energy into and that is fresh picked a few feet away from my dinner table instead of 5000 kilometres away in Mexico or California. As we continue to work on the next products of the future, they will continue to become more efficient, more affordable and easier to use, which in turn, will make them more and more popular!

Justine: What is the best advice you could give to new indoor growers? Any tips you’d like to share?

BN: Of course! Growing indoors present a whole new set of challenges and we are specialized in helping people get the best results possible with this.

First of all, I think lighting is probably the most important aspect of growing indoors — for lettuce and herbs it doesn't take too much, but definitely more that just a window sill — especially in winter when we only get a few hours of sun a day.

Consistency when using hydroponics is very important as well — which is where Motorleaf can really come in to help! By maintaining a consistent timing for feeding, lighting, nutrient levels and even temperature, plants indoors will thrive.

Consistent monitoring is also very important. With hydroponics especially, the impact of an unbalanced nutrient blend can have quick and harsh effects on a crop. Unwanted pest too can be a potential problem indoors, as there is no natural predators to prevent insects from harming the plants. Keeping a close eye on your indoor garden daily will help ensure that your plants grow healthy without having to correct bigger issues down the road.

Justine: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

BN: At Nutritower, we are very pleased to see another Montreal-based company doing great things in this “growing” market. Nutritower is a perfect match for anyone that wants to take their indoor growing game to the next level and Motorleaf can provide the added functionality that can make our products even more user-friendly for someone in this busy world we live in.

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We'd like to thank Bryce for sharing his throughts with us, we feel very lucky to have met him and to have discovered Nutritower. Together, Nutritower and Motorleaf really are the perfect match for any serious hobby grower. It allows you to garden in a mess-free environment, plus, besides a short daily routine check, there really is nothing much to do! The Motorleaf Heart collects air temperature, humidity and light level, and also manages the Nutritower lighting and feeder pump by automating their operations. Motorleaf + Nutritower = perfection !

We’re super excited to have a Nutritower here at the Motorleaf HQ in Montreal. We will soon post pictures of our indoor tower on our Facebook page, stay tuned! Until then, you can check out Nutritower’s Facebook page to see examples of what you can grow.

Happy growing!


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