Motorleaf is Growing: Meet our Team!

October 25, 2016 10:29:45 AM EDT

After a few months of super hard work, we’re VERY excited to announce that we have new people on board with us! With this extra help, we’ll be able to expand and reach the goals we have set for Motorleaf.

The story of Motorleaf and its founders, Ramen and Ally, have been explained in many articles. In short: they met at a co-working space in Sutton (Quebec), and Ramen told Ally he had this great idea of designing a device that would take care of his garden while he was away. He wanted to create a ‘smart garden’ solution that didn’t need fancy (and expensive) equipment.

Both founded Motorleaf in June 2015. Ally, being the hungry guy for company growth that he is, he wanted to bring the product to another level, and applied to FounderFuel, one of the best Canadian-based incubators. There, they spent 3 months working on refining the business, from April to June 2016. (Note: Out of the 400 companies who applied for FounderFuel, only 6 got selected… and Motorleaf was part of that!)

As months went by, more and more time and effort was required to bring the business where we wanted it to be. It became evident that we needed extra hands! So we started to look for people to join us in this adventure during the summer. We’re super excited to present the larger version of the Motorleaf team! The new hires join a team of electrical engineers, designers and marketers.


Scott is our young electrical engineer that just got out of McGill. During his Master’s degree, he researched on associative memory: a kind of hardware memory modelled after our human brain(!!). Besides his geeky side, he enjoys wakeboarding, photography, mechanical watches and loafing around with friends.


Kevin is Motorleaf’s lead software developer. His goal is to bring the Motorleaf platform to the next level in terms of scalability, reliability and performance. After many years of experience in the IT industry, he is really enthusiastic about becoming part of this super dynamic team!


Leona has experience in working in indoor and outdoor agriculture in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. She held leadership roles with small-medium sized companies, using her project management and employee organizational skill set. She has a keen sense of community, and took part in a local non-profit organization helping young adults with autism work refurbishing used bicycles. She will be part of Motorleaf’s marketing and operations team.


Justine has a Master’s degree in design and also studied journalism at the University of Montreal. She believes in the positive social impact Motorleaf could have on a large scale, as it could help communities to bring food to the table. She will contribute to Motorleaf’s communication and social media team. On her free time, she enjoys skiing, hiking, gardening and spending time with Lilo, her Newfoundland dog.

What brings us together?

We all want to be part of the Motorleaf revolution and take our personal and professional expertise to this game-changing product. We hope to bring Motorleaf to the world, and develop its full potential to help people and communities to grow more and better, with less waste and with better yields.

So Scott, Kevin, Leona and Justine, welcome to the Motorleaf team! 


Topics: agtech

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