Monitor your climate control systems: Simple equipment to know that your grow protocols are their best

September 13, 2018 3:39:37 PM EDT


With only two types of Motorleaf equipment, you can monitor important grow conditions in your commercial hydroponic greenhouse, grow chamber or indoor farm.

Easy to install, Motorleaf’s wireless equipment will collect and transmit data about your growing conditions. Our Grow Journal software enables you to view your data in a practical, simple format, showing you what’s working and what you need to adjust. Now you can know when a maintenance issue compromised your yield or what conditions you must replicate to get a perfect harvest.

Measure lighting, temperature and humidity

THE-HEART_smll (1)The Motorleaf Heart is a central control system that stores your grow data onsite, in safe keeping. It manages related climate control equipment and automatically transmits data for you to analyze with our standard software, or with our new Grow Journal platform (ask us about the Grow Journal).


spaceSensorPlusWhiteBGThe Motorleaf SpaceSensors measure light intensity (PAR), the red/green/blue composition of LED lighting, humidity and temperature. Distributed throughout your grow operation, our sensors will show you if your indoor climate conditions are even or if crop condensation is a problem. You can identify underperforming HPS bulbs to replace and light fixtures that need cleaning.

You can measure the composition of red, green and blue wavelengths of your LED lights to plan and experiment with new lighting recipes.

All our equipment encrypts wireless data transmissions so they meet finance-industry standards for cybersecurity. You can choose to keep all your data onsite, or securely transmit it to the Motorleaf cloud to obtain more services.

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