Meet Peter, our Plant Whisperer!

February 3, 2017 9:00:58 PM EST

As 2017 was off to a great start for Motorleaf (we're in the semi-final round of IBM SmartCamp, we made the top 10 Montreal tech companies to watch this year from BetaKit, etc), we needed more hands and more brains to get things moving fast. Time flies and there's so much we want to accomplish!

As you know, we're some kind of plant psychologists - we understand them from the inside. To do that, we do fancy calculations, we test, we try different things and voil√† - succeess! That's where Peter, our plant data guru, comes in. He helps the team understand what the plants need based on different factors and programs parameters into our machine to make everything works automatically so you don't have to worry about your plants at all.

In early October 2016, our CEO Ally and CTO Ramen presented Motorleaf to Macdonald Campus of McGill University that houses the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.  That's where Peter met our co-founders. Peter simply asked if he could join our company, and we said yes! Simple as that. Peter is working with us, as well as completing his PhD in bioresource engineering (because it's much more fun to see the results of your work outside the lab...). He's our plant data guru, working on top secret artificial intelligence (AI) related stuff with us!

Peter's interest in plants goes back to when he discovered hydroponic systems, at the end of his bachelor's degree. He liked the idea of automating plant growth and developing vertical systems considering all the advantages that come with it. There is simply no limit to vertical farming! Peter also developed a ship container designed with a hydroponic system in it with some friends.



Outside of plant data and serious geek work, Peter enjoys riding his motorcycle across Quebec in the summer, and loves the beautiful landscapes the local nature has to offer. As you can see, we're a bunch of creative minds here at Motorleaf, we enjoy thinking and making crazy ideas come to life!

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