How Motorleaf mitigates risk factors in your grow space

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A lot of people have been asking us recently about the security features Motorleaf offers. Many of you are concerned about the surveillance inside your growrooms or greenhouses, and we thought we would write about how our software and hardware can help mitigate the risks. They are the dangers we can see, as a stranger walking into your grow space, but there is also the risk of settings going out of control and ruining all the hard work Motorleaf has done. No worries: we've got serious security features to avoid that!



Heart, Droplet and Driplet : the perfect trio 

The Heart, Droplet and Driplet work together to automate your growing space by calculating everything your plants need, from water level and temperature, pH, and nutrients A and B (hydroponic liquid nutrients to help indoor growing).

The Droplet is an electronic device that contains sensors to collect data from probes located in the reservoir tank.  This data is communicated to the Heart, which gives instructions to the Driplet about the right amount of pH and nutrients that need to be pumped in the water reservoir tank to feed the plant. This automatic process prevents the chances of mistake that could result by killing the plant, making sure the perfect combination of pH and nutrients is given to your plants. If the level is too high, the system will automatically insure that the pH goes back to the desired level. The user can set the level manually or automatically. 

Our programmers designed additional security features for the Driplet to avoid harmful situations for the plants:

  • If the Droplet is off, the Driplet turns off its pump (for example, if there is a power outage)
  • If the Heart doesn’t acknowledge data, or if the Heart is turned off, the Driplet turns off its pump
  • If the Driplet can’t communicate with the Heart, the Driplet turns off its pump
  • The pumps are off while the Heart and Driplet are establishing the connection (wether it is online or offline connection).

Motion detection security feature  

Our Heart device offers the possibility to connect itself to any USB webcam, so you have an eye on your plants 24/7. Many of you use expensive grow equipment in tents or in an indoor space, and we designed this security feature so you can act in time if there is the need to.

It can also alert you if anything is inside your grow space, even sending you a video clip of the thing that set off the alert. It did prevent one of our beloved dogs eating our precious cherry tomatoes as we caught him just in time!

Like to know more about us? We're launching on Kickstarter this week! Stay tuned!

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Written by Justine

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