Company Updates: A Lot of Change at Motorleaf

July 3, 2018 2:52:55 PM EDT

Networking session after our FoodBytes presentation.It continues to be a whirl-wind year for Motorleaf.

We are just getting our feet settled on the ground after a period of rapid growth. We would like to share a handful of updates about our company.

Company milestones that have us excited

  • Motorleaf continues to expand our product and service offerings to greenhouses in Europe. After a successful pilot program with EU partners, some of the largest greenhouse producers in the world now aim to use our artificial intelligence (AI)-powered yield predicting algorithms to help run their business. 
  • Near an official launch date, our latest AI innovation enables us to predict crop disease in greenhouses. Yes, you read that right: predict disease before it becomes a problem, not just identify the location of an outbreak. Stay tuned for a detailed blog article on this latest service offering.
  • We beat our all time record for Yield Prediction accuracy. Preliminary results show that we obtained a 1% error in predicting the amount of a tomato harvest, compared to the 26% error made by our greenhouse customer using traditional, manual methods (this customer happens to be the one of the largest tomato producers in the UK).
  • We continue to integrate third-party hardware for lighting and irrigation controls, enabling our software to connect and control a growing number of climate-control systems within greenhouses and indoor farms.

Our team is now hard at work expanding our global client base and will soon launch new software and artificial intelligence tools for growers. In particular, Motorleaf is now building a dynamic grow protocol for all controlled environment agriculture, powered by artificial intelligence.

Why a dynamic protocol will change agriculture

Growing conditions change constantly within a  crop's environment. In order to obtain the same harvest results, a head grower must make adjustments to business operations and climate-control machinery Motorleaf’s dynamic grow protocol from our agronomist.ai line of software products will eliminate the need for these imprecise manual adjustments; armed with a dynamic grow protocol, our software will provide growers  with a detailed best course of action to meet the demands of the grower. Our dynamic grow protocol software will make is easy for growers to keep data-based records of actions taken, enabling the business to look back and compare grow protocols. This makes it simple to know what growing conditions work well and what needs change so growers can repeat only the best protocols and get the best results.

Team Motorleaf is growing

Our headquarters set new roots in a spacious office in Montreal’s St. Henri neighbourhood. We need the extra space to welcome a slew of new talent into our fold. Our staff more than doubled, adding expertise in sales, software development, marketing, data science and more. Get ready for faster product innovation from the now 18 members of Motorleaf.

Key hires include Karin Nystrom and Peter Oram. Both have significant experience with agriculture corporations such as Monsanto, DuPont Pioneer, and Cargil. Karin and Peter focus their efforts on ramping up international sales.

With much pride, we promoted our long-time Director of Artificial Intelligence, Scott Dagadon (employee #1), to Co-Founder of Motorleaf. Congratulations, Scott!

Here’s a photo of most of the team at our recent company retreat to Sutton, Quebec, Canada--the town where Motorleaf was born.


Motorleaf on stage

Being on stage and pitching our technology at the Montreal FoodBytes event was exciting and provided the opportunity to delight crowds with an out-of-the-ordinary team presentation. Check out our performance and get ready for a good chuckle.

While in the big apple, Motorleaf participated in a panel discussion at the Indoor AgTech Summit; we now have our sights set on exhibiting at PMA Fresh in Orlando and Greenhouse Canada in Niagara this October. Drop us a message if you are in the area and would like to meet us.

New industry standard for agriculture technology

Working in close collaboration with leading AgTech companies, Motorleaf helped lead the development of a new industry API standard. This standard enables technologies and AgTech companies to collaborate and produce complementary hardware and software for growers. Learn more about the new API standard here.

Major funding for our artificial intelligence (AI) and hardware technologies

Leading international investors--including Radicle Growth, Desjardins Capital and Fluxunit (part of OSRAM Ventures)--invested US $2.85 million to support the growth and further development of our agriculture technologies. Read more about our latest funding round here. 

Wow, we’re still catching up to all this change! Stay tuned because we will soon announce more great news about our software and artificial intelligence products.


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