Changing the Food System, One Apple at a Time

December 5, 2016 1:52:39 PM EST

Did you ever wonder when that apple bought at the grocery store was picked? Was it a week ago, a month, 3 months? Answer: it was probably 11 months old. ELEVEN MONTHS. THAT'S ALMOST A YEAR OLD! 

Bonus: it was probably filled with toxic conservation agents, and 90% of its antioxydants were GONE. Talk about freshness. Right.


The truth is, we live in a fast-paced society, and very few us have - or take - the time to study this question, even if we eat 3 times a day, 365 days a year, for an average of 80 years (if you live in Canada). Plus, food now seems to be part of the black box process : food production is not part of our daily routine, and most of us don't have the knowledge of food culture anymore. Farming is hard, and even harder now with fluctating environmental conditions all around the world.

A couple years ago, we had a discussion with a group of kids in a Montreal elementary school. We wanted to know more about them and their vision of food and agriculture. We asked a 7-year old boy Where do potatoes come from? and he simply replied, in the most honest way From a chip bag. Yes, this is a true story, and it makes us want to change the system.

We wanted to share this inspiring TED talk from Caleb Harper with you, because we think it says it all: we all need to be more educated about what we eat, and more concerned about how we make food grow on a global level, for now and for the future generations.



Let's go back to the life you had as a kid, and experiment: build your indoor greenhouse in the kitchen and try to grow your own food. Motorleaf is there to help with artificial intelligence that takes a big part of the risk factor out by automating climate control to make you succeed quickly with maximum yields. Motorleaf understands what your plants need, and will deliver everything they ask for, whether it is water, light or nutrients. 

You will also be able to follow all the stages on your computer screen with our agriculture software to learn and understand the process, and you will get to know your plants very well. There will be no more black box magic! You will succeed, and grow your own, healthy, non-GMO food, plus, you will make your mark in the food system.

There is no need for big tractors and harmuful fertilizers. Accountants, teachers, astronauts, hairdressers, city dwellers, we can all be changemakers. 

Let's become food psychics.

With Motorleaf, we can all be plant whisperers and become successful indoor farmers !

#GrowWellSleepWell #Motorleaf 

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