Care Who Knows What you Grow?

October 24, 2016 4:14:31 PM EDT

Who_is_watching_you.jpgWith an increase in remote monitoring hardware hitting the urban farmer / indoor grower market - there have been quite a few people we speak with asking about security + privacy.

In the age of the Edward Snowdon and WikiLeaks  revelations; those who were  once decried as tin foil hat conspiracy folks - are now in some respects in the 'I told you they were spying on us' camp.

So - IF - you're thinking of connecting a monitoring system to your home grow, and then connecting that to 'the internet' ; and then accessing this from your phone - is it wise?

We asked ourselves the same question when designing MotorLeaf - and of course came up with multiple scenarios / answers; all depending on an available understanding of a country's appetite for monitoring their own citizens (the fact we just had to type that sentence is depressing enough -1984 was NOT a instruction manual people!!), ....and the constantly changing landscape of legalization for home growers makes for a tricky situation.

So what did we come up with?

Give people the CHOICE - monitor / automate ONLINE, AND/OR OFFLINE.

Sounds a lot easier than it was - and this post is not designed as a 'look how cool MotorLeaf is' - but we're still surprised at the fact we're the only company giving people the choice.

IF you're growing something you wish to keep private, using a system that can't be hacked - but still has the same functionality as when it's connected to the internet is imperative - and you should have that option.

Food for thought while you no doubt hear more revelations from wikileaks or Mr Snowdon.....

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