City Rooftop Farms “a Foolish Endeavor”?

October 24, 2016 4:13:52 PM EDT

Rooftop Garden.png"Building farms on city rooftops is “a foolish endeavor” because of the higher costs and the additional time for permitting, said Paul Lightfoot, chief executive of BrightFarms. The firm, which has raised more than $25 million in equity and more than $15 million in project finance, is now focusing on greenhouse farms in locations outside of urban centers.

“You would scale very slowly, and waste investors’ money,” Mr. Lightfoot said of city projects." - Source - Wall St Journal

HOLY SMOKES - - that's kind of bad news for all the cash flooding into start-ups in this space. - no?

What about these guys>>>>

"Gotham Greens Farms LLC, which has raised about $30 million, said it currently sells more than 20 million heads of lettuce and leafy greens a year to restaurants, food-service companies and retailers such as Whole Foods Market Inc."

But then - what about AeroFarms - - now we're confused (!)>>>

“This is very much a technology play,” said David Rosenberg, chief executive of Newark, N.J.-based AeroFarms LLC, which currently operates one indoor commercial farm as well as a research and development farm and a farm in a local school.
AeroFarms said it has raised over $70 million in corporate and project financing. The company isn’t profitable but says it expects each of its farms to become cash-flow positive in its first year.

So who's right? Time will tell is another way to say 'who knows?'

Our money is on LOCAL FOOD being so sought after, the consumer demand will increase, and those clever folks designing and managing the farm will see their costs go down. 

** especially with MotorLeaf helping reduce costs / labor time / and helping to keep the grow environment the best it can be...**


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