AI Greenhouse Automation Working Behind the Scenes: Our latest Article in Greenhouse Canada Magazine

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With labour shortages on the rise, the agriculture industry seeks reliable means to automate production and daily operations. Many understand that advanced machinery and robotics hold much promise in making up for labour shortfalls; lesser known are how advanced computer technology like artificial intelligence (AI) can play an equally important role in automating complex tasks in commercial hydroponic greenhouses. Being lesser-known comes as no surprise since, unlike machinery, AI automation services typically function out of sight and require complex computer analyses conducted on servers far away from the greenhouse. The time is right for leaders in agriculture to learn about the growing potential of these unseen automation services.  

We had the opportunity to inform the greenhouse industry about these issues in an article published in the leading industry knowledge resource, Greenhouse Canada Magazine.

You can read the full digital article at the Greenhouse Canada website here:

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Written by Jason Behrmann

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