4 signs Motorleaf is getting worldwide attention

April 26, 2017 11:58:52 AM EDT

Those four signs don't lie: the Motorleaf team is travelling around the world to talk about our wireless, automated, AI driven indoor cultivation system. From Montréal to Tokyo, here we are! 


#1 Motorleaf presented at TEDxHECMontréal

On March 28th 2017, our CEO and co-founder Ally Monk presented at TEDxHECMontréal. The theme was From Zero To One: he explained how the Motorleaf journey started, and what drives him to pursue his dream of allowing every single one of us to grow our own food automatically indoors. Watch his fascinating talk in this video:


#2 Motorleaf was semi-finalist at IBM SmartCamp

On April 5th 2017, a part of our team flew to San Francisco to take part in the final round of IBM SmartCamp. Motorleaf was selected at one of the 10 semi-finalists to join the event. This year, startups could sign up to the competition across 26 cities in the world. Of course, Montreal was on the list and we're thrilled to be based in this city renowned as the world leader in artificial intelligence. Even though we didn't come home with US$25,000 in our pockets, we still were able to demo at LAUNCH Festival, meet great people and have fun at a super well organized event. Thanks IBM!


Ally met with Mr. Robert Scoble (left)


#3 Motorleaf has been invited to speak at INDOOR AG-CON

Indoor Ag-Con is a 2-day annual event hosted in Las Vegas. This event welcomes speakers from all over the world, ranging from startup entrepreneurs to multinational firm gurus. Its speakers received media coverage from Fast Company and Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Leaders in farming and technology are invited to speak, and the event is always sold out. We're excited to speak on the first day of the event (view the full program here) and to have a booth come say Hi! at booth #733! The organizers also publish timely interesting indoorag white papers, and the last one published, Indoor Crop Production, has some great information about our specific interest in indoor agriculture.



#4 We're flying to Japan to talk about IoT and indoorag at Agritec Summit (AG/SUM)

Chief technology officer Ramen Dutta is taking part in the Agritec Summit in Tokyo. The event focuses on how disruptive technology is fusing with agriculture to shape the future. He will meet world leaders in the industry to present the Motorleaf hardware and software, and discuss how our agtech company will be a be a game changer by giving communities food independance, by using digital intelligence to change urban agriculture, and by turning traditional farms into food El Dorados



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